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The Gathering House is about creating a place for individuals and families to fellowship in a comfortable, inviting atmosphere. A place where we encounter the real God. A God that loves us. A God that desires our love in return. We are a place that demonstrates that love, by serving each other and those around us in the community. We aspire to learn and share the revelation knowledge of who God is through worship, studying His living word, by seeking after the Holy Spirit and by walking along the narrow path. All this, through faith founded in Jesus Christ. 

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The Colony Family

The Colony Family.

Caleb and Vetia have been married since 2003. They have 2 amazing kids, Gwen and Zeke.

 Caleb and Vetia have been lead to open their home for a non-traditional ministry. A ministry based on serving others, growing a real and tangible relationship with God that includes worship, communion & fellowship. They desire an atmosphere that welcomes open discussion while studying the word of God. Both Caleb and Vetia have always felt that their house should be a place to gather and bring people together.

 Before staring The Gathering House, Caleb and Vetia served in leadership in a local church in St. Charles, Missouri for 11 years. In that time they saw God move in radical ways. They learned that true intimacy with God is vital to showing His love to others and fellowship is a cornerstone in building a faith filled community.



 The Gathering House holds service at 2:30 PM every Sunday afternoon.

If you would like to visit, please send a message below as we request the privacy of not having our personal address listed. 

Sunday Service intentions


We should be taking a day of rest each week. But our lives are so busy and so consuming that we often don’t allow for that rest. Our intention is for The Gathering House to never be a place for people to feel rushed and pressed upon to make happen. Our plan is to have a Sunday afternoon meeting time. A time of worship that allows for people to just come into his presence in a very comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. Then lead a guided discussion on a topic through scriptures. Followed by a potluck style time of communion and fellowship. 



Daily Service intentions

Building a group of people that desire to be involved in the community, by helping people in need and serving people. In a way that shows God’s love for them but doesn’t “preach at them.”

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